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Cochlear turns measurements in patients with meningitis: Ahistopathological study

Henrique F. Pauna | Michael M. Paparella | Sebahattin Cureoglu | Miguel A. Hyppolito

Abstract Objective: To demonstrate the cochlear turns area changes among patients with a history of meningitis, through otopatologic study. Methods: We performed an analysis of the area of the bony cochlear turns and the cochlear lumen of the horizontal sections containing the modiolus and the area of the basal turn at the level of round window, in temporal bones obtained from patients with a history of meningitis and compared to a nondiseased control group. Results: The mean area of the bony walls and the lumen of all cochlear turns are reduced within the meningitis group. Patients who presented a time from the diagnosis of meningitis to death longer than 30 days had a significant reduction in the cochlear turns area, as compared to the control group. Conclusion: Future studies may further correlate audiologic outcomes, cochlear volume, and cochlear area among patients with meningitis. KEYWORDS cochlear turns, labyrinthitis ossificans, meningitis, otopathology, temporal bone

Cochlear turns measurements in patients with meningitis: A histopathological study
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